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We are going through big changes in our world. Growing conditions and seasons are in major flux, making it difficult to grow in places we knew were good for. Most of our food in our stores has been grown and shipped in from afar. Losing some of its nutritional value in the process.

Grow plants effortlessly with our Plant2UP. It is an all-in-one hydroponic system. You can grow Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs right from the comfort of your own home.
Just drop the seeds in the pot filled with fertilized water and then watch your plants grow.
Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit | UBERTECH
  • HIGH-QUALITY SUBSTRATE: Made with perfect composition, our substrate allows for higher absorption levels of water, oxygen, and vital nutrients for your plant at all times. This substrate in combination with a hydroponic fertilizer actually fertilizes the water and eliminates the need for soil.
  • SMART INDOOR GARDENING SET: Grow fresh, live herbs & veggies plants indoors right on your kitchen countertop 365 days a year! This Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit is a passive system, it uses no pumps or complicated parts. You just fill up the container with water and keep an eye on the water levels as your plants grow.
  • VIEW THE WATER LEVEL: The unique watering compartment with a built-in water level indicator eliminates the guesswork of when and how much to water your plant. A quick glance at the level indicator shows you exactly when your thirsty plants need a drink.
  • LED GROWING LIGHTS: The LED indoor grow light for plants is fully automated for hands-free operation at 12-hour intervals, so your plants always have the perfect amount of light. High efficiency grow lighting is tuned to the specific needs of plants to encourage maximum photosynthesis, resulting in a more rapid, natural growth with abundant harvests.
  • SIMPLE FAN FOR AIRFLOW: This simple fan provides the much-needed airflow to prevent bacterial growth, as well as helps shield your growing plants from other harmful pathogens. It also discourages flying pests and operates at 15-minute intervals.
Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit | UBERTECHHydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit | UBERTECHHydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit | UBERTECH


  • Plastic
  • 155mm X 102mm X 407mm
  • x1 Plant 2UP