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OLAF Air Cooler

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Too hot at home or at the office during the summer? Eternal nights with the skin stuck to the sheet? Meet the newest, Olaf Air Cooler specially made for you who want to save money and still improve your quality of life.
Thanks to the size and practicality of the Olaf Air Cooler, you can take it to any room in the house or even outdoors. It provides environmental protection and energy savings. Adding ice cubes will further improve air performance and temperature. Simply place a small amount of water/ice in your reservoir and turn it on.
Automatically, Olaf Air Cooler starts a water evaporation process that, when it comes in contact with the hot air, cools you down on the spot!
In addition to filtering and humidifying the air, it does not use toxic liquids and gases, making the environment healthy and safe for children and animals.
It is made with inorganic nano-fibers that do not create bacteria and mold.
Have a private oasis of freshness and well-being on hot, dry days! Get rid of those uncomfortable moments, in a practical and super portable way with these Winter Air Cooler!

Winter Air Cooler | GIZUPP
FAST COOLING: Adding ice cubes to minimize temperature and design in a short time.
TYPE-C INTERFACE: The power supply is stable, supports most Android mobile phone data lines, plug-in, computer, charging treasure can supply power.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, ENERGY SAVING, AND LOW CONSUMPTION: The maximum power is 6W, 6 hours per day, 28 days for one power.
LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANK: Avoid frequent addition of water and longer cooling capacity. The water tank can be disassembled and filled directly with water/ice.
PRACTICALITY: You will not need to renovate, complicated installations or spend a lot of money on electricity.
STEPLESS SPEED: Regulation 99-continuous speed regulation, derived from a single natural wind.
TOUCH SCREEN ADJUSTMENT: Natural wind, timing, sleep mode, three functions are free to switch, sleep mode is turned on at night, automatic downshift, 30-speed low-noise operation.

Winter Air Cooler | GIZUPP

  • ABS + PP
Water Tank Capacity:
  • 1000ml
Working Time:
  • Max. 5 hours (full water)
Cooling Time:
  • 7-13 hours
Maximum Power:
  • 6W
  • 196mm X 182mm X 178mm
Product Weight:
  • 1206g
Charging Interface:
  • Type-C
Number Of Gears:
  • 1-99 gears adjustment
  • x1 Olaf Air Cooler
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 User Manual