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Night Recon Tactical Flashlight

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The popularity of tactical LED Flashlights is owed to their self-defense feature. It is no longer purchased for professional use alone but also as an everyday tool to fend off an attacker or any other potential human threat.

Or if you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or long night drives, you will surely enjoy the benefits of our Night Recon Tactical Flashlight. Because this kind of flashlight is military-inspired, it emits an overwhelming bright light that reaches a very long distance plus it has an extremely high working power.

🔭 TELESCOPIC ZOOM: adjust the far and near lights.
🛡️ ALUMINIUM ALLOY CASING: perfect for self defense.
🌊 WATERPROOF: Don't worry about the clima with your Night Recon
🔦 5 LIGHT MODES: Adapt youself to the situation 

Light Power: 4000 Lumens
Appearance Color:  Black
Size: 12,9 x 3,2 x 2,5 cm
Use For:  Camping / Hunting / Work
Power Supply: 18650 battery
Lighting time:  4-8 hours
Charging method:  USB direct charging
Range: 200 to 00 meters 200 to 500 meters
Water resistance: 5th grade
Weight:  87g (without battery)
Material:  Aluminum Alloy

x1 Night Recon Tactical Flashlight (package of your choice)