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Reduce double chin, relieve stress muscles in the mouth and face, and increases the blood flow to the face and neck muscles giving you a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Jaw&GO is specifically designed for training facial muscles that help to tone your jawline, contour cheekbones, and reduce face fat.
By going through the full range of motion of your bite, it will give you the stronger and younger look you desire. Well, you can also use this facial toner exerciser to relieve stress and tension in your mouth and face.

  • HELPS TO TONE THE FACE: Made of food-grade silicone to ensure safety. Can helps to revitalize your overall facial structure by targeting 57 facial muscles.
  • HELPS REDEFINE THE JAWLINE: Regular use will strengthen the muscles around your face, jaw, and neck and will cause the jaw muscles to become firmer and tighter. The result is a noticeable reduction in excess fat around the jawline and a more flattering profile
  • HELPS STRENGTHEN JAW AND FACIAL MUSCLES: If you have been holding tension in your jaw unconsciously, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, toothaches, earaches and can even cause sleeping disorders. Using our jaw exerciser every day helps fortify muscles around the jaw and face, thereby reducing pain while promoting a healthy sleep cycle.
  • HELPS REDUCE THE RISK OF POTENTIAL JAW INJURIES: The joints in the jaw are under constant pressure from talking, chewing, and other strenuous motions. This can cause pain and joint injuries over extended periods of time. It helps release the tension and prevents potential and serious jaw damage by building muscles to protect the jaw from common injuries.
  • HELPS REMOVE DOUBLE CHIN AND TURKEY NECK: Our facial exerciser can help you get rid of the sagging skin under your chin so that you can improve your appearance. Doing facial exercises with Jaw Exercise Ball daily helps burn the fat around your jawline while toning your face for a younger look.
Jaw Exercise Ball | UBERTECHHOW TO USE:
  1. First practice placing Jaw&GO and get the feel for how wide you can open your mouth.
  2. Put Jaw&GO with biting strips in boiling water for 30 seconds.
  3. Remove Jaw&GO from hot water but don't wait too long to let it cool.
  4. Stick your thumbs through the hole, put and adjust Exerciser so you are biting down on the white bite strips.
  5. Bite down and hold for 15 seconds to customize the mouth shape to the contours of your own mouth.
  6. Remove the Exerciser from the mouth and cool your imprints under cold water for a few seconds to permanently set imprints.


  • Food-grade silicone
  • 3cm X 3.5cm X 3cm / 1.18in X 1.38in X 1.18in
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • x1 Jaw&GO
  • x1 Silicone Rope