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iCup is a coaster that keeps your hot beverage at the perfect temperature all day! Simply turn on with a touch, select your temperature using the directional arrows (Temp control between 55-75 Degrees celsius) and enjoy every last drop at YOUR perfect temperature! Perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle, or if you just like to take your time and enjoy a morning coffee at your own speed.

Made with premium silicone and quality craftsmanship, BunnyMats is spillproof and fireproof including our smart shut down technology to ensure your bunny mat only runs when you want it to. So you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands!
Smart Heating Coaster | UBERTECH

✔️USES LESS FUEL: Convenient and reliable than using a pan or a stove or even a microwave to heat up your coffee.
✔️SAVES YOU TIME: Never make trips to the microwave over and over again and stop wasting your time there while you can get on with your important things.
✔️NOT JUST FOR COFFEE: Heat up your favorite cup of tea or any other of your favorite hot beverages.
✔️PERFECT TEMPERATURE: Set the right temperature for your coffee and keep that temperature constant.
✔️IT WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE: Have it by your desk or the kitchen, our Cup Warmer will be at your service.

  1. Connect the plug to a charging port
  2. Press the display screen once to turn it on
  3. Once on, you can place your mug and adjust the temperature by pressing the arrow buttons placed on either side of the display screen
  4. To turn it off simply touch the display screen again or let it use its heat preservation feature
Please use the right temperature and avoid overheating!

Rated Power:
  • 20W
Rated Voltage:
  • 220V
Product Size:
  • 124mm X 124mm X 26mm
Product Net Weight:
  • 280g
  • Adjustment 3 Gear Constant Temperature Cup Warmer
Control Channels:
  • 2 Channels
  • Pink Bunny
  • Green
  • Pink
  • x1 iCup