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Face Lifting Pro

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Face Lifting Pro works by increasing blood circulation and this helps improve skin tone around the eyes and eliminate dark circles. In addition, eye massagers can tighten the sagging skin around the eyes and give a temporary lifting effect. But besides this, here are a few immediate benefits eye massagers can offer.

Face Lifting Pro Electric eye massager features three different vibration strengths that can be manually adjusted by pressing the on and off button. The levels can be described as low, medium, and high-strength, and these can be used to help relieve stress from different pressure points in the eye area. And it has a setting that can be adjusted by clicking on the top button with a little thermometer on it and this allows it to warm up to 45°C.

Face Lifting Pro | UBERTECH

RELAXATION: Can help you recover from the stress of your day by relieving tension and providing a sense of relaxation. It can also stimulate the blood flow in your brain, which can improve your mood.
WARMTH AND WELL-BEING: It warms up to 45°C and I find this feature particularly enjoyable at the end of a long day because it helps promote a feeling of warmth and well-being.
HEADACHE RELIEF: Face Lifting Pro can be helpful if you have chronic tension headaches because the vibrations they emit allow you to release the tension and increase blood flow.

Face Lifting Pro | UBERTECH
Face Lifting Pro eye massager also offers three different LED lights that can be adjusted by clicking on the middle button with a bulb on it.

Face Lifting Pro | UBERTECH
RED LED or the anti-aging color has the ability to stimulate the production and repair of collagen and elastin in the skin and make the skin appear firmer and the existing wrinkles less prominent. When using this light for anti-aging purposes, make sure to not go too close to the eye and stick to massaging the eye orbit (the bony cup surrounding your eye).

Face Lifting Pro | UBERTECH
BLUE LED isn’t as bright as the red color and is more suitable for relaxing the eyes and eliminating puffiness.

Face Lifting Pro | UBERTECH
YELLOW LED is best used at the end of your treatment as it helps soothe any potential redness left if your skin happens to react easily.

  • ABS
  • White
  • 130mm X 22mm X 22mm
  • 42g
Battery Capacity:
  • 400mAh
  • 2.5W
Power Supply:
  • 5V 1A
Nominal Voltage:
  • 3.7V
Charging Time:
  • about 2 hours
Standby Time:
  • about 3 hours
Auto Power Off:
  • 15 minutes
Vibration Frequency:
  • 11500 ± 2000rpm
  • 38 ℃ - 45 ℃
Light Wavelength:
  • Red Light (620-630nm)
  • Blue Light (470nm)
  • Yellow Light (590nm)
  • x1 Face Lifting Pro
  • x1 charging cord
  • x1 storage bag
  • x1 instruction manual