White Smile Dental Health

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A beautiful, healthy, white smile has the power to change your life and make you light up - inside and out! 

Our Toothbrush is comfortable and fully automated for an ultrasonic cleaning with 5000-15000Hz vibration per minute.

🦷 U-SHAPED DESIGN: The U-shaped snap fit is designed to fit the mouth and clean the surface and internal orientation of the teeth. Made from food-grade antibacterial silicone, it is highly water-repellent, washable and reusable electric toothbrush.

💪 STRONG TOOTHBRUSH: Strong mode for powerful teeth brushing, Medium mode for comfortable teeth brushing, Whitening mode for teeth whitening. Our Electric Rechargeable Automatic Toothbrush convenient to use at home or traveling.

🥳 BRUSHING MADE FUN: Brushing feels more like a treat than a chore. Our electric toothbrush is specially designed to fit comfortably and gently brush for gum and oral health. The perfect combination of brushing and whitening giving the tooth a 360 degree cleaning effect.

🛠️ HELPFUL TOOL: The U shaped automatic toothbrush is a convenient tool to help you to clean their teeth with ease. Running with battery, the toothbrush is automatically operated to encourage kids to use it every day as well. Use along with normal toothbrush for overall mouth health.

😁 SAFE ORAL CARE WIRELESS BRUSH: Upgraded lengthened version U-shape brush head with end-rounded bristles, combined with safe silica gel material to protect your teeth and gum. 15 hour run time, 3 hours charging (Must be dry when charging) auto brush.


1. After full charge, install U-shaped brush head.
2. Shake the liquid toothpaste, then press out the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head.
3. Put the brush head into your mouth, relax your bite on the U-shaped brush head, and select the right frequency mode.
4. Easily brush your teeth, and move your brush back and forth, left to right with your hands at the same time, brushes your teeth for a deeper clean.
5. After brushing your teeth, use wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage.


Toothbrush on Google Food grade silicone brush head, non allergic, safer to use.
🌌 360° automatic cleaning. 30 seconds quickly whitens & cleans, 3 times deeper cleaning than normal tooth brushing for micro clean.
🥇 World's First BASS Qualified & High - tech Automatic Whitening Toothbrush 45-70 radian.
🔋 High-grade battery, 30 minutes of wireless charging for 10 days of brushing.


  • Food grade Silicone; ABS
  • WhiteProduct
  • 60*25*110mm
Package weight:
  • 2W (max)
Rated voltage:
  • DC3.7V
Battery life:
  • 1500MA
Input voltage:
  • DC5V
Vibration power
  • 6W