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Bathing won't be boring anymore! Mount your phone on your wall and you can use it freely!

The Phone Protect is your perfect companion to the bathroom, toilet, bathtub, or kitchen. Listen to your favorite music playlist when taking shower, or watch videos when you are cooking without having to worry about water or steam damage as you are covered with our trusted seal protection.

Simply take the strong adhesive off and put it on the wall, and then slot your phone in. You are now protected from water damage and can view and use your phone.

Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Holder | UBERTECH
  • WATERPROOF ANTI-FOG: Doesn't matter if it's a splash, a spill, or total immersion, the Phone Protect has you covered with trusted seal protection. Even if the fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen, At the same time does not affect the sound.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCHABLE SCREEN: 0.25mm flexible touch screen, you can freely touch from the inside of the shower or bath, adjust volume, change songs, play games, scroll through the news.
  • HOLING FREE DESIGN: Damage-free to the wall, fast and easy to install, No tools needed. It is a sturdy firm, durable, and environmentally friendly.
  • MULTI-SCENARIO APPLICATIONS: Whether your home bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, the powder room is a wood wall, marble wall, normal tile wall, collaged tiles wall, glass wall, or smooth metal wall, as long as make sure the sticky area clean and dry, you can quickly And simply install the Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Holder.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE The universal size is suitable for all mobile phones under 6.8 inches, Therefore, our Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Holder is compatible with 98% of mobile phone models on the market.

Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Holder | UBERTECHWall Mounted Waterproof Phone Holder | UBERTECH


  • Silicone seal, ABS, PET
  • 19cm X 2.8cm X 10.5cm / 7.5 X 1.1 X 4.1inch
Suitable Phone:
  • Up to 6.8 Inches
  • Blue
  • White
  • x1 PhoneProtect